Utilize an extremely intricate process to construct this 116,367-square-foot five-story facility. Completed in 2004


The owner selected Tilt-Up because of its load-bearing capabilities, hurricane-resistance and architectural appeal.


Two interior shear wall panels, each four stories high, were lifted into place. After the exterior three-story panels were erected, the steel contractor installed the columns, beams and fourth floor deck. The contractor then poured the fourth floor concrete, which was followed by the erection of the second-tier panels. An additional 15 panels, measuring 18 feet by 26 feet and weighing 60,000 pounds each, were lifted into place by a crane to add the fourth and fifth stories.

Curtain wall features on the corners, front and rear of the building add visual appeal to the structure. The large glass area and specialty splatter coat that emulates stone are striking. A creamy neutral color scheme complements the existing facilities.

Although the project was constructed during a particularly active hurricane season in which Florida experienced an unprecedented four hurricanes, no panels were lost or damaged because of the engineer and contractor’s bracing expertise and attention to detail during preparation for the storm.

This project was a 2006 Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) Achievement Award Winner in the Office category. It was one of the first five-story Tilt-Up buildings in the United States.


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